Strategy and Lean methods of BIM adoption

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on your BIM transition and there are more than a handful of options how to deliver the required levels of data. Let us help you find your best fitting solution - we are vendor-independent and  support OPEN BIM. Here is a list of essential introductory concepts.

BIM modelling and Project set-up

While your team hasn't picked up the new tools quick enough and still needs training, the clients want their projects now and business as usual. We offer to transfer your concept design in BIM and have developed some customized workflows with our partners to do it in the least bothersome way. See some of our previous work here...

Training and Workshops

Customized training agendas, groups, evenings, weekends, one-to-one, executive curricula, KnowledgeSmart tests. In-house and on-site. Workshops abroad, testing remote workflows together.

Emergency Services

And when everything falls apart just before the deadline - connect with our rescue crew, but remember it's not cheap.